Red Silk: This pomegranate produces medium to large fruit with a silky red exterior.  Each fruit contains large, firm, sweet edible seeds that can be eaten fresh or used in cooking.  They have one of the best balances of acid and sugar among pomegrantes.  Red silk is a natural semi-dwarf tree with minimal spread making it viable as a small tree or shrub with summer pruning.  It is decently drought tolerant and heat tolerant.  Red silk has exceptional pest and disease resistance.  It requires 150 to 200 chill hours and should be planted in well-drained soil. It is partially self-fruitful.

Sharp Velvet: This pomegrante loves hot summers and does well in the heat.   It is more upright than most other pomegranates, setting huge crops of highly ornamental fruit.  The fruit produces seeds that are mildly acidic with a unique flavor good for cooking or eating fresh.  They can be kept at any height with summer pruning.   The Sharp Velvet pomegranate requires 150 to 200 chill hours and is self-fruitful.

Sweet: The Sweet Pomegranate produces fruit with very sweet seeds, as the name implies, but is often cultivated as an ornamental shrub and very suitable for container growing.  The tree is small with glossy leaves and orange-red blossoms in late spring.  The Sweet pomegranate is frost sensitive and care should be taken to protect it from cold winds, esepcially in areas where frost is more likely.  With its late summer harvest, the unsplit fruit can be kept for 2 months or better.  It is more suited for eating fresh than cooking.  The tree requires 100 chill hours and is self-fruitful.

Wonderful: This pomegranate is highly adapted for growing in hot, inland climates and is the pomegranate of choice for California growers. It's large purple-red fruits produce seeds that are delicious, mildly sweet, and tangy.  They are excellent for eating fresh, cooking, or preparing grenadine syrup. Its foliage and red-orange blossoms make it an excellent choice for ornamental planting as well as backyard-to-table gardening.  It is long lived, heat and disease resistant, and can tolerate any soil type.  The tree requires 150 chill hours and is self-fruitful.