Black Monukka: This vine produces large purple-black ovoid berries that are sweet and crisp.  Unlike Thompson seedless, this grape does not require as much summer heat to reach its full potential.  It offers an early midseason harvest.  The Black Monukka grape is excellent fresh or as a raisin.

Crimson Seedless:  This new variety of grape produces elongated, oval-shaped berries with a red skin, ripening in early October in Fresno County.  The grapes are medium sized, firm, and very sweet in conical clusters.  Weather permitting, the grapes can be held on the vine until late November and has become one of the most widely approved grapes by retailers in California.

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Princess Seedless: This grape was developed in Fresno County, making it an excellent choice for home growers who are looking for a white grape.  The grapes are cylindrical, resembling the Thompson seedless, though they are typically larger.  The berries are firm and sweet with a floral or muscat taste.  They ripen in mid-August with harvesting running to early October depending on the weather.

Ruby Seedless: This grape producs a dark red, sweet, crisp berry in very dense clusters.  While it does not need a much heat as Thompson seedless grapes, it ripens after them.  It was cultivated at the University of California-Davis for its use as a table grape, and it is known for its extremely large clusters.  It is resistant to sunburn, though it is susceptible to powdery mildew and bunchrot.  Gardeners should watch for signs of these conditions and treat accordingly.

Summer Royal:  This variety is black, sweet grape with berries about half the size of Autumn Royal.  It is a mid-season grape with harvests beginning in August.  This grape prefers high temperatures and direct sunlight, especially during its budding period.  It is quite vigorous with its own roots, making it an excellent choice for bareroot planting.  The grapes keep approximately 2 weeks refrigerated and up to 3 months frozen.

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Thompson Seedless: This grape is a the choice favorite of growers throughout California and Arizona.  It produces large, cylindrical very sweet clusters of berries that ripen in mid-August.  The berries appear greenish-white to gold when fully ripe and are medium-sized.  It is the most widely cultivated grape in California and loved for its versatility.  Though primarily used for raisins, it can be used for wine or eaten fresh.  The Thompson Seedless needs plenty of heat to produce best.

Golden Muscat: American/European hybrid. Large, eggshaped berries are pale golden yellow when ripe. Characteristic European muscat flavor and aroma. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Spur prune.