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This beautiful nut tree grows in hardiness zones 5 - 9. Based on typical weather for the Central Valley, this tree is an early bloomer with a harvest between September and October. It is a soft shell with with sweet, flavorful kernels. Require hot summers to properly produce fruit (Great for the Central Valley!) It is winter and frost hardy. It is a semi-dwarf reaching approximately 15' tall.

  • 300 to 400 chill hours to regulate it's growth.

  • Harvest between September and October.

  • Self fruitful.


One of the most widely cultivated pecan trees in the west. Reaching heights of 60 to 100 feet at full maturity, it boasts a 20 to 30 foot tree canopy. The nuts are long, slender, and sweet tasting, coming in at about 60 nuts per pound. They are hardy in multiple zones (including the Central Valley) and can withstand the high temperatures of even desert climates. They aren't too fussy about soil quality and nutrition.

  • 250 chill hours to regulate growth. 

  • Harvest between September and October.

  • Self-fruiting, though they produce best with other pollinators.


The most common pistachio in the Central Valley and should be planted from container only. The pistachio requires both a male and female tree to produce fruit, thus one Peters male pistachio is required for every 10 Kerman females. Due to the cultivation method, it is important not to disturb the root ball while planting. It is slow growing, taking 10+ years to reach maturity at 20 to 30 feet. The tree requires long, hot summers for best fruiting. Each tree can produce up to 50,000 nuts every 2 years. Drought Tolerant.  

  • 800 chill hours to regulate growth. 

  • Harvest in February.

  • Pistachios require both male and female trees to produce fruit. 


Walnuts are a staple of the Central Valley because of their drought tolerance. The Hartley (#1 in Dependability), the Chandler, Cooke's Giant, and the Pedro are excellent choices. Since the Chandler and Pedro are smaller than the Hartley and Cooke's, they are the go-to option for backyard and home planting. All the varieties produce flavorful, high quality nuts. 

  • Hartley, Chandler and Cooke's Giant: 700 chill hour requirement.

  • Pedro: 300 chill hour requirement.  

  • Self-fruiting

Availability changes throughout the year- please call (559) 325-2929 for current selection!

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