Babcock White Peach: Long-time favorite white-fleshed freestone. Sweet and juicy, aromatic, low in acid. High scoring in taste tests. Widely adapted (low chill requirement, yet not early blooming). Ripens early to late July. Requires 250 to 300 chill hours.

Carnival Peach: Very late season yellow freestone. Large red-skinned fruit ripens late September/early October in Central CA. Vigorous, productive tree. Estimated chilling requirement 500 hours or less. Self-fruitful.

Donut White Peach: Unique white-fleshed fruit with a sunken center (shaped like a doughnut). Sweet, with a mild flavor described by some as almond-like. Ripens late June/early July in Central CA. Estimated chilling requirement 200-300 hours. Self-fruitful.


Earligrande Peach: Medium-sized low chill peach from Gulf Coast Texas. Yellow semi-freestone. Very early ripening (Late May). Successful in Phoenix, Arizona and similar climates. Requires 300 chill hours. Not available for the 2022 season.


Earlitreat Peach: Delicious, very early season low-chill peach with flavor and sweetness comparable to midseason varieties. Highly recommended for home orchard planting. Medium-sized, attractive red over yellow skin, yellow flesh. Very nice acid/sugar balance. 500 hours or less. Ripens mid May.

Elberta Peach: Famous yellow freestone. Classic, rich peach flavor: high scoring in taste tests. Use fresh, canned or cooked. Ripe late July/early August in Central CA, up to 3-4 weeks later in colder climates. 600 hours. Self-fruitful.


Eva's Pride Peach: Delicious, fine flavored peach with very low chilling requirement ripens 2-3 weeks before Mid-Pride. Medium to large-sized yellow freestone - also recommended as early season peach for moderate climates - harvest 3 weeks before July Elberta. Ripens late June to mid July. Requires 100 to 200 chill hours.


Fay Elberta Peach: Popular yellow freestone: juicy, moderately sweet, flavorful. Fresh/can/freeze/dry. Ripens 1-2 days later than Elberta in Central California, but blooms earlier. Ripens late July to mid August. Requires 700 chill hours.

Fairtime: Fine fruit for the very late season. Very large yellow freestone with excellent flavor. Mid-September in Central CA. Early bloom. 400-500 hours. Self-fruitful.

indian_blood cling.jpg

Indian Blood Cling Peach: Large, late season canning peach. Red skin, red flesh, rich flavor. Blooms late, sets heavy crops. Ripens mid to late August. Requires 800 chill hours. Not available for the 2022 season.

July (Kim) Elberta Peach: Reliable heavy crops. Juicy, sweet, very flavorful yellow freestone fruit for canning, freezing, or fresh use. 400-500 hours. Self-fruitful.

O'Henry Peach: Popular fresh market yellow freestone and an excellent choice for home planting. Large, firm, full red skin, superb flavor. Ripens early to mid-August in Central CA. Good for freezing. Strong, vigorous, heavy bearing tree. 750 hours. Self-fruitful.


Rio Oso Gem Peach: Favorite late yellow freestone. Large, sweet, rich flavor, like J.H. Hale. Fresh/freeze. Small tree. Showy bloom. Ripens mid to late August. Requires 800 chill hours.

strawberry free peach.jpg

Strawberry Free White Peach: Long-time favorite white freestone peach for CA. Very sweet, aromatic, juicy, with superb, delicate flavor. Early to mid-July in Central CA. Highly recommended for home orchards. 400-500 hours. Self-fruitful


Sugar May White Peach: Sweetest peach of its season: mid-June, about one month before Babcock. Very juicy and sweet with fine flavor. High fruit tasting scores. Excellent choice for early season peach. Medium to large size, attractive red skin. Ripens mid to late June. Requires 600 to 700 chill hours.


Summerset Peach: Fine late season yellow freestone. Large, sweet and flavorful. Excellent for canning, freezing or fresh use. Ripens late August to mid September. Requires 700 chill hours.

Suncrest Peach: Large, very firm, fine-flavored, yellow freestone. Bright red skin over yellow.  Harvest late July in Central CA. Frost hardy blossoms, consistent producer. Originated in Fresno, CA. Introduced in 1959. 500 hours. Self-fruitful.


Arctic Jay White Nectarines: Taste test winner. Very attractive, firm, freestone fruit is richly flavored, with a balance of acid and sugar. Ripens between Arctic Glo and Heavenly White white nectarines. 500 hours or less. Self-fruitful.


Arctic Queen White Nectarines: Delicious, super-sweet white nectarine, very similar to Arctic Rose, but ripening 3-4 weeks later (early August in Central CA). Rich flavor and nice crunchy texture when firm ripe, extremely sweet when fully ripe. High-scoring in taste tests. Requires 600 to 700 chill hours.


Arctic Star White Nectarines: Earliest to ripen of the low acid, super-sweet white nectarines. Rave reviews in trial tastings. Beautiful dark red skin, snow white semi-freestone flesh. Ripens early to mid June. Self fruitful. Requires 300 chill hours.

Double Delight Nectarine: Best flavored yellow nectarine plus magnificent, double pink flowers. Dark red-skinned, freestone fruit is sweet, with unusually rich flavor. Very high scoring in taste tests. Heavy bearing tree. Harvest early to mid-July in Central CA. 300 hours. Self-fruitful.

Fantasia Nectarine: Popular, large yellow freestone. Early harvest fruit is firm ripe and tangy, later harvest is sweet with rich flavor: high scoring in taste tests. Late July/early August in Central CA. 500 hours or less. Self-fruitful.

FlavorTop Nectarine: Large, firm, yellow freestone of excellent quality. One of the highest scoring nectarines in DWN fruit tastings. One of the very best! Ripe mid-July in Central CA, between Independence and Fantasia. Large showy blossoms. 650 hours. Self-fruitful.


Goldmine White Nectarines: Long-time favorite in California and Western Oregon. Small to medium-sized white-fleshed freestone. Aromatic, juicy and sweet. Ripens beginning to mid August. Requires 400 chill hours. Not available for the 2022 season.

Independence Nectarine: Bright red skin, firm yellow freestone. Rich flavor, tangy and sweet, one of the best. Consistently very high-scoring in taste tests. Winter and frost hardy, very reliable producer. Early July in Central CA. 700 hours. Self-fruitful.


Liz's Late Nectarine: Sprightly sweet, intense, spicy flavor - the state of the art in fruit breeding. Ripens late August to mid September. Requires 600 to 700 chill hours.