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"Heat" in peppers is measured on the Scoville Chile Heat index. This measurement is subjective and is not a precise measurement.  Relative heat can change depending on a person's sensitivity to capsaicin, meaning that different people may have different experiences with the same pepper. The Scoville chart to the left represents the average response. The higher the number, the greater the heat. Peppers with Scoville Heat Units (SHU) of zero (0) are considered "sweet" peppers. For your benefit, we have included the Scoville rating for all the peppers we carry.


(2500 SHU)

Ancho Gigantea

(3000 SHU)

Big Bertha

(0 SHU)

Bulgarian Carrot

(5000 SHU)

Hungarian Sweet

(0 to 100 SHU)

Mama Mia Rosso

(0 to 100 SHU)

Orange Bell

(0 SHU)

Sweet Purple Bell

(0 SHU)

Sweet Cherry

(0 to 2500 SHU)

Cal Wonder

(0 SHU)


(10,000 SHU)


(0 SHU)

Pepperoncini, Sweet

(0 to 500 SHU)

Quandrato D'Asti

(0 SHU)


(50,000 SHU)


(1000 SHU)

Jimmy Nardello

(0 SHU)

Mini Bell Mix

(0 SHU)

Pepperoncini, Hot

(500 to 900 SHU)


(500 to 2500 SHU)


(100,000 SHU)

Flaming Flare

(800 SHU)

Joe E. Parker

(1000 SHU

NuMex Big Jim

(2500 SHU)


(2000 SHU)

Scotch Bonnet

(350,000 SHU)

Wrinkled Old Man

(0 SHU)

Fresno Chile

(10,000 SHU)

Keystone Giant

(500 SHU)

NuMex Sandia

(7000 SHU)

Pretty & Sweet

(0 SHU)

Sweet Banana

(0 SHU)

Yolo Bell

(0 SHU)


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