Babe Red Raspberry: Everbearing Red Raspberry - Extra large berries up to 1 1/2" long. Fine flavor and good for all uses. Bears heavy crop May-July with a smaller late summer crop through fall. Hardy to zero degrees. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 4-11.

Fall Gold Raspberry: Everbearing - Hybrid of Taylor X wild Korean mountain berry X Fall Red. Large to very large golden berries of excellent flavor. Extremely sweet and soft textured. Very adaptable and winter hardy. Harvest June through fall. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 4-11.

Heritage Raspberry: Everbearing - Large, sweet, dark red berries. Mild flavor and excellent quality. Good for all uses. Moderate early crop in June, July. Heavier late crop August through fall. Berries keep well on or off the vine. Upright growth habit. Self-fruitful. Best in Zones 4-11.

Jewell Black Raspberry: Clusters of large to very large fruit. Rich raspberry flavor. Very high quality, good for pies, preserves and fresh use. May-June harvest. Vigorous, hardy vines; most disease resistant of all black raspberries. Upright habit, no support required. Self-fruitful. Zones 4-11.


Black Satin Blackberry: Vigorous, very productive plant. Large berries. Midseason producer, July in most areas. Requires some support due to heavy cropping and limber, semi-trailing plant structure. USDA zones 6-9.

Chester Blackberry: Thornless, semi-trailing. Large, very sweet, flavorful even when firm. Fruit retains color and quality even in the heat.  Chester is the most winter hardy thornless blackberry and is very resistant to cane blight.  Provide support for the vines. USDA Zone 5-7 (possibly 5-9).

Marion Blackberry: Medium to large size firm, sweet, bright berries. Excellent for fresh and dessert use. Rated by many as the best pie berry. Long harvest June through summer.  Very long, vine-like canes require support. Self-fruitful. Best in zones 6 - 9


Boysenberry: Rubus ursinus var. loganobaccus, a hybrid of blackberry, raspberry, dewberry and loganberry. Very large berry up to 2.5", dark maroon in color with an intense, tangy, sweet flavor. Excellent quality with few seeds and a pleasant aroma. Vine-like trailing growth habit. Harvest through summer. Self-fruitful, best in zones 5-10.

Olallieberry: A cross between Youngberry and Loganberry, classified as a blackberry. Large, elongated fruit with unique sweet-tart flavor: a long-time California fruit stand favorite for fresh-eating, pies and jams. Vine-like (trailing) structure, requires support. Lower chilling requirement than Boysen. Takes up to two years to bear. Zones 7-9, possibly 6-10.