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Specialty Hybrids

Spice Zee NectaPlum®: White-fleshed, nectarine-peach-plum hybrid. Skin is dark maroon at fruit set, turns pale pink when ripe. Unparalleled in flavor, tree is quite ornamental. Purplish pink blooms in spring, early red leaves which mature into green. Self-fruitful. 200-300 hours. Not available for the 2022 season.

Bella Gold Peacotum®: From Zaiger Hybrids. Peach x apricot x plum. Slightly fuzzy skin, like an apricot, bright yellow with an attractive red blush. Tart skin; mildly sweet amber flesh. A delightful eating experience. Naturally semi-dwarf tree. Pollenated by Blenheim apricot. 500 hours. Not available for the 2022 season.

Candy Heart 2011-003.jpg

 Candy Heart Pluerry™: Having Japanese plum and sweet cherry in its parentage, is a taste-test proven treat for fruit lovers. Its skin is dark speckled red, the amber/red flesh slightly subacid and very sweet, with a wonderfully unique flavor. This variety has an extended hang time, reaching peak ripeness around mid August in Central California. Pollenated by Sweet Treat Pluerry™ and Burgundy Plum. Not available for the 2022 season.

sugar twist pluerry.jpg

Sugar Twist Pluerry™: Newest in the Zaiger Pluerry™ line of high-flavor interspecific plums (plum + cherry), Sugar Twist is unique in that it harvests a month earlier than Sweet Treat. This hybrid has red skin and yellow flesh with an especially enjoyable flavor: cherry sweet with a plum “twist”. Pollenized by Flavor King Pluot®, Emerald Beaut plum and most mid to late blooming varieties of Pluot®, Pluerry™ and Japanese plum. Estimated to require 800 chill hours. Patent Pending. (Zaiger)

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