Specialty Hybrids

Cot-N-Candy White Aprium: Wonderful new fruit from Zaiger Hybrids. White flesh apricot-plum hybrid. Medium-sized with incredible flavor, very sweet and juicy. Ripens early- to mid-July. Self-fruitful. 400 hours or less. USDA Zones 7-10.

Flavor Delight Aprium: Apricot-plum hybrid. Resembles an apricot but with distinctive flavor and texture. High taste-test scores. Early June. Very low chilling requirement, less than 300 hours. Self-fruitful, but largest crops when pollenized by another apricot.

Multi Bud Cherry-Plum, Sprite-Delight: Sprite and Delight budded onto Citation rootstock.

Spice Zee NectaPlum®: White-fleshed, nectarine-peach-plum hybrid. Skin is dark maroon at fruit set, turns pale pink when ripe. Unparalleled in flavor, tree is quite ornamental. Purplish pink blooms in spring, early red leaves which mature into green. Self-fruitful. 200-300 hours. 

Bella Gold Peacotum: From Zaiger Hybrids. Peach x apricot x plum. Slightly fuzzy skin, like an apricot, bright yellow with an attractive red blush. Tart skin; mildly sweet amber flesh. A delightful eating experience. Naturally semi-dwarf tree. Pollenized by Blenheim apricot. 500 hours.

Sugar Twist Pluerry: Newest Pluerry (plum + cherry). Red skin and yellow fleshed; has the sugar sweet taste of a ripe cherry with a twist of plum  Pollenized  by Japanese plum.  Estimated to require 800 chill hours. Patent Pending.

Sweet Treat Pluerry: The first Pluerry™: a plum and cherry hybrid, combining the sweetness of a cherry with that summer fresh plum zing. Much larger than a cherry, will hang on the tree for over a month. Harvest June/July. 450 hours. Pollenizer required, Burgundy plum recommended.

Plum Parfait Plum: Cross of plum & apricot. Unique blend of flavors. Pinkish orange skin, crimson and amber marbled flesh, freestone. Very early bloom. Compact, small tree. 400 hours. Self-fruitful.

Dapple Dandy Pluot: Creamy white and red fleshed freestone with wonderful plum-apricot flavor. Skin greenish-yellow with red spots, turning to a maroon and yellow dapple. August harvest. 400-500 hours. Pollenized by Flavor Supreme Pluot®,  Santa Rosa, Burgundy Plum.

Flavor Queen Pluot: Exquisite plum/apricot hybrid with candy-like sweet flavor. Greenish-yellow skin, amber-orange flesh. Prolonged harvest: mid-July/Aug. 400-500 hours. Pollenized by Dapple Dandy Pluot® or Flavor Supreme Pluot® or by a Japanese plum such as Burgundy.

Flavor Supreme Pluot: Taste test winner. Plum/apricot hybrid with sweet, richly flavored, firm red flesh. Greenish-maroon mottled skin. June harvest. 700-800 hours. Pollenized by Santa Rosa and Flavor Queen.